Face it, we make mistakes in business, in life and we have bad days on the golf course from time to time. How we overcome this adversity is what makes us better family members, friends, colleagues, and golfers. Even the best players in the world struggle on the course from time to time. Just earlier this week Dustin Johnson had great advice for when you face a bit of adversity on the course. “I’m the best player in the world, I hit some of the worst shots you’ve ever seen. But I go find it and hit it again,” Johnson said. “Obviously not all of them are bad but I do hit bad shots. It’s managing those shots and not letting it bother you and going and hitting the next one good.” Here are 4 tricks to help you overcome adversity a little quicker:

  1. Stay Calm Take a few deep breaths and focus on my intention. Like Johnson clearly stated, one bad shot does not and should not derail a round. Move on to the next shot and stayed focused.
  2. Distract Yourself Focus on my surroundings: the trees, the ocean, your playing partners. Sometimes a simple distraction will help you move on. And remember, you’re playing golf and there are plenty of less fun things you could be doing.
  3. Be Hopeful In life and on the golf course, it’s important to forgive yourself and look for the strength to overcome your failures and to believe in yourself again.
  4. Stay Confident Believe in yourself and fake it till you make it. Golf and business are mind games, and if you have the confidence, you will succeed.

Source pga.com